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Rob Bell, Richard Rohr & the benevolent universe

Much to my husband’s delight, I have finally jumped on the podcast train. Late the the party, as always, but whatever, I’m riding the rails now. I listened to 3 yesterday.  Two on what it would look like to read… Continue Reading →

Secretary Desk Before & After

I am so over this desk.  I picked it up for free after seeing it posted on Nextdoor and thought it would be a challenging DIY.  I’d take my time with it, I told myself.  Move slow.  No big deal. Well…. Continue Reading →

Unseeing Eyes

A few weeks ago I read this prayer by John Baillie.  He was a professor of divinity at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and this prayer is found in A Diary of Private Prayer (1949). Creator Spirit, who broodest everlastingly over… Continue Reading →

Black People Don’t…

This past weekend we were camping.  Out of cell range, up in the woods, away-from-it-all camping.  And on July 3rd, just after the sun started to sink low behind the mountain, some shots rang out up the road.  We chalked… Continue Reading →

Further Still

Fiction A bit of a departure from what I typically post here. I entered this in a short story contest last month.  It’s a revised version of the first chapter of the novel I wrote last year. The day my… Continue Reading →

Stay With Us

One of our boys has bedtime anxiety.  It’s his thing.  We do our usual “bedtime routine,” which ends with lights out after the obligatory last sip of water and final kiss goodnight.  Brother A is then dead asleep in about 30 seconds flat.  But… Continue Reading →

Into the Peace of Wild Things

First camping trip of the year?  Check.  Last Friday we headed southwest to the coast in search of high winds (so Jason could kite board) and sunny weather.  Turns out Seattle was unseasonably hot last weekend so we picked a… Continue Reading →

Hoping for Heaven in a Hellish World

“I hope it’s soon.” When I was in fifth grade I remember asking my dad when he thought Jesus was going to come back.  You know, just your typical Friday night conversation for a conservative Christian family.  He sighed and… Continue Reading →

Which Lights All Things & Gives Rest

This week I’m going to meditate on this Wendell Berry poem and use the last line as a breath prayer.   I’ve felt a bit aimless of late when attempting to pray or even just sit quietly.  Having something to… Continue Reading →

Laundry Room Before & After

After receiving my most-recent rejection letter, I’ve decided it’s time to shelf the novel.  Don’t worry.  The tears have been shed and I’m trying (so far unsuccessfully) to comfort myself with Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena and all the statistics… Continue Reading →

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